Awards and Scholarships

Distinguished Student Award 

This award is based on a record of distinguished scholarship and outstanding service to the community as determined by faculty feedback, the students' transcripts, and essays written by the nominees. Members of the faculty of the Department of Counseling nominate graduating students whom they feel have an outstanding record of achievement in their work with us. This pool of nominees is then discussed and, by consensus, the faculty determines who will make up the final pool of nominees to represent our finest students. From this finalist pool, four winners are selected by the department Honors Committee.

One of these winner's names is forwarded to the College of Health & Social Sciences as our nominee for college Hood recipient. The hood recipient is then selected by the college from among a number of department nominees. $1500 per year to be divided (up to three students).

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Graciela Orozco


Virginia Lee Block Scholarship

Block was a founding member of the Department of Counseling at San Francisco State University and for many years was the chair of the department. After her death, her family made a donation to scholarships for general counseling students in the department.

The Department Virginia Block Scholarship Committee selects no more than four individuals in the specializations of Rehabilitation Counseling, Career Counseling, College Counseling, Gerontological Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, or School Counseling for this scholarship. The scholarship winners are selected from a pool of students nominated and discussed by the faculty of the Department of Counseling.

Students nominated by the faculty for this award must be in their first year of practicum classes, and must have shown distinction in the development of their clinical skills, as well as showing outstanding promise for their future professional development based upon evaluations by the faculty, the students' transcripts, and an essay written by each nominee. Award winners are given a check from the office of Financial Aid in the fall semester following the receipt of the award. Students must be registered for at least nine units in this fall semester. $100 each (variable number of scholarships given each year).

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Patricia Van Velsor


Sweeney LeBlanc Scholarship

This scholarship shall be awarded to Department of Counseling students who have a demonstrated track record of service to African Americans. Each scholarship shall be for a period of one year, and any additional scholarship to a student shall be granted only upon a reapplication by the student. Eligible students will have enrolled for a minimum of 7 units in the semester when being considered for the award. Further, the student must have completed a minimum of one semester in the program with a grade point average of no less than 3.0. Demonstration of track record of service to African Americans by:

a. Verified counseling, counseling-related, human service, employment, or participation in civic organizations that specifically promote the well-being of African Americans. Verification may be in the form of two letters of recommendation from individuals in responsible professional positions (i.e., community leaders, employers, supervisors, teachers outside of the department). And,

b. A personal statement describing a commitment and service to African Americans, as well as why the student should be awarded the scholarship. $1000 each (up to three per year).

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Robert Williams


Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program scholarship

The CRMH program has a scholarship program designed for CRMH students including those with an emphasis in CRMH. The annual amount is approximately 15K and is provided to 10 students. The stipends are funded by the Federal Rehabilitation Services Administration and for each year a student receives the stipend, they have a payback requirement upon graduation they requires graduates to work for two years in a CRMH related non-profit agency including such settings as public 2-4 years colleges, non-profit rehabilitation and mental health agencies, substance abuse agencies, state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies and their partners, etc. In addition, students should do one of their two years of field work in a state VR agency (California Department of Rehabilitation). Priority is given to those who have a specialization in CRMH, are committed to doing one year of internship at California DOR, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and are taking CRMH courses during the year in which they receive funding. Students are able to receive funding for multiple years. Faculty Coordinator: Julie Chronister For 2016/2017 academic year application, please complete the forms in the links below and submit electronic and hardcopy to Julie Chronister, PhD,

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Julie Chronister,


MFT/Mental Health Services Act Scholarship

Competitive stipend for second-year MFT graduate students who are serving psychiatric populations with co-occurring disorders (Serious Mental Illness & Substance Use Disorder). Students must payback this stipend by working with this population for one year upon graduation. Bilingual/bicultural applicants preferred.

$18,500 per year to be divided (by the number of awardees).

Faculty coordinator: Karl Kwan



Limited Research Assistantships available to work with various faculty members' grants.

Announcements are made throughout the year.


Provost Scholar Award Recepients


Lindsey Ciancetta



Rachel Fuld Cohen




Megan Bingen


The Department of Counseling sponsors five department awards and scholarships, which are awarded in the spring semester. Eligibility for these scholarships varies, as outlined below:


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