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Welcome to the Department of Counseling Field Placement Web Site. We hope to provide current and prospective students and field placement supervisors with information about our philosophy and our requirements.

It is our view that counseling proficiency, professional values and knowledge of community agencies cannot be learned in a classroom alone. We are deeply committed to a partnership of field and coursework and have designed our program so that fieldwork is emphasized as an essential two-year long part of our student's education. Each practicum course is accompanied by a field placement so that skills learned in the classroom can be practiced in the field. Students take four practicum courses in sequential order and are required to experience two different field placements each spanning an academic year. The field supervisor is central to learning, serving as teacher, role model and mentor. The faculty liaison serves as the link between the counseling program and the field, monitoring the student's progress, helping to ensure the integration of coursework and fieldwork and collaborating with the field supervisor.

The following pages are designed to provide information about our fieldwork program for both students and agencies. Our practicum and trainee handbook, which details all of our fieldwork policies, can be accessed as well as all of the forms used by the students and those used by agency supervisors.

Potential field sites wishing to apply to this program may access the field placement application forms and learn about our requirements by reading the handbook for a detailed description, or accessing Field Placement Guidelines for a brief overview.



Field Placement Coordinator
Karl Kwan, Ph.D.
Burk Hall, Rm 524
(415) 338 - 2005


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