Training Grants, Research and other Projects

Equity and Justice-Focused Integrated Behavioral Health Counselor Training Project 


The Equity and Justice-Focused Integrated Behavioral Health Counselor Training Project is a four year (2021-2025) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant that provides opportunities for students to apply for a $10,000 stipend for their second year of internship (29 students eligible each year). The project is a direct response to the behavioral health crisis among our California youth, particularly those from underserved and historically marginalized communities. The project will increase the supply of master level behavioral health counselors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are trained to work in Integrated Behavioral Health within healthcare professional shortage area (HPSA) sites with at-risk children, adolescents and TAY; establish a workforce pipeline between SF State’s counselor training program and Bay Area Federally Qualified Healthcare Settings (FQHC) and/or HPSA sites; and expand EJF-IBH practices with our partner behavioral health agencies. Students in all Specializations are eligible to apply for this stipend with priority for those having specific interest in working in integrative behavioral health.



Rehabilitation Training Long-Term Training Program

Students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program are eligible for a training stipends/scholarship each year (20 students each year thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Education; 2019-2024). Students receive approximately $10k-13K annually for one or all of the years in they are in the program. Stipends can be used for anything (rent, books, expenses, tuition, travel etc.). The stipends entail a “work payback” which requires graduates who received a stipend to work in a non-profit behavioral health organization or a state/federally funded agency that serves those with health and behavioral health conditions and disabilities for two years for each year the stipend was received.