Counseling conference at SF State explores social justice

Thursday, June 07, 2018

The College of Health and Social Sciences and the Department of Counseling co-sponsored the annual two-day conference of the California Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling Association (CALPCC), held April 20–21.

The event was very successful, with nearly 150 attendees and more than 35 educational sessions related to historically marginalized communities, culturally competent supervision, disability competence, integrated behavioral health, trauma-informed care, and professional issues related to law and ethics. SF State was an ideal place to showcase best practices related to the conference theme, “Social Justice Starts with Us: Building a Responsive Behavioral Health Workforce.”

Stephen Brady

The event’s keynote speaker was Stephen Brady, associate dean of Graduate Medical Sciences, professor of psychiatry, and director of the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program at Boston University. Brady, a pioneer in the area of sexual health among marginalized communities, spoke on “A Social Justice Approach to Sexual Health, Wellness and Resiliency in Our Communities.”

Plenary speaker Kim Madsen from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences addressed contemporary professional issues related to the licensed professional clinical counselor law (LPCC) in California in a talk titled “What is Unprofessional Conduct and What Are the Repercussions?”

The break-out sessions were well attended, engaging, and addressed critical issues facing the field of counseling, our communities, and larger sociopolitical issues addressing our field and stakeholders.

2 attendees at CALPCC conference

The conference organizers thank the many students, interns, CALPCC board members and conference committee members for their dedication to making this conference a success.

Special thanks go to the Department of Counseling faculty Julie ChronisterSandra Fitzgerald and Kristen Dempsey for their commitment and handwork bringing this important conference to the SF State campus. Organizers also thank Counseling students Yu-Ting YuanPaul SmithSarah FowlerSarah Davis, Doris Borisov, Julia Pinces, Danielle Tipton, Maurice Canyon, Alicia Servin and Christoph Zepeda for their hard work to make the conference happen.

Finally, thanks to the College of Health & Social Sciences, the Department of Counseling, and funding from the Rehabilitation Services Administration for financial support of the conference.