Recommended Courses

*Attention: For those applying for Fall 2023 admissions, the prerequisite courses will not be required (including COUN 690)

We highly recommended you take these courses as the material is the foundation for first year counseling courses. If your undergrad degree did not cover the material listed; we urge you to take these courses before starting the program.

Note: Prerequisite requirements are subject to change for Fall 2024 admissions

Recommended Undergraduate Courses at San Francisco State University

3 undergraduate psychology courses. We recommend that you complete the following undergraduate courses (or equivalent): Lifespan Development, Theories of Personality, and Abnormal Psychology (a.k.a. Psychopathology).

Field of Counseling. Professional identity for career, college, marriage and family, rehabilitation, school, gerontological counseling. Career decision-making, mid-life, career change, pre-retirement guidance, and mental illness. Computer technology and counseling. History, ethics, and self-awareness (if you are a current SFSU student, you may take this course as a reference).

Multicultural Human Relations. Psychosocial perspectives on attitudes, knowledge, and insights essential to effective multicultural relationships and the examination of culture as it relates to ethnicity, gender, physical and learning abilities, race, sexual orientation, and class (if you are a current SFSU student, you may take this course as a reference).

Lifespan Developmental Psychology. Fundamental principles of developmental psychology; origin and development of behavior. Must be a course that spans throughout the lifespan, i.e. from birth to death (you may take an equivalent course at any junior college).

Theories of Personality. Survey of the major contemporary theories of personality. Theoretical positions are compared and critically examined along various significant dimensions, including their relationships to the total field of psychology. Methods of personality assessment as related in theory construction (you may take an equivalent course at any junior college).

Abnormal Psychology, Minor Variants of Personality. The nature and development of emotional disturbances which result in a person's failure to adapt adequately in this society; contemporary theories of personality development as well as a clinical description of the neuroses. Note: Psychopathology, which is the science or study of mental disorders, is also known as Abnormal Psychology (you may take an equivalent course at any junior college).

Class Equivalents

California Institution Theories of Personality Lifespan Developmental Abnormal/Psychopathology
Alliant International University GEN 1005    
Allan Hancock College   PSYC 118  
American River College   PSYCH 370  
Biola University PSYC 411 PSYC 320 PSYC 309
Berkeley City College (aka Peralta)   PSYCH 21 PSYCH 24
Cabrillo College PSYCH 26   PSYCH 31
Cal Poly Pomona State University PSY 403 PSY 305 PSY 415
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)   BIS 1400  
California Poly State University, SLO PSY 305 PSY 256 PSY 405
Canada College   PSYC 200 PSYC 410
Cerritos College PSYC 150 PSYC 251 PSYC 271
Cerro Coso Community College   PSYC C211 PSYC C241
Chabot College   PSYC 12 PSYC 6
Chaffey College   PSYCH 25  PSYCH 55
Citrus College   **PSY 205  PSY 212
City College of San Francisco PSYC 11 PSYC 21 PSYC 10
Claremont McKenna College PSYC 131    
Clovis Community College   PSYC 38 PSYC 16
Coastline Community College   PSYCHOLOGY C118 PSYCHOLOGY C255
College of Alameda PSY 3   PSYCH 24
College of Marin **PSY 111 PSY 114 PSY 204
College of San Mateo PSYC 225 PSYC 200 PSYC 410
College of the Canyons   PSYC 172 PSYC 212
College of the Redwoods   **PSYCH 11 PSYCH 38
College of the Sequoias     PSY 034
College of the Siskiyous     PSY 1502
Columbia College   PSYC 10  
Contra Costa College PSYCH 130 PSYCH 128 PSYCH 132
Copper Mountain College   PSY 003  
Cosumnes River College   PSYC 371 PSYC 340
Crafton Hills College **PSYCH 103 PSYCH 111 **PSYCH 110
CSU Bakersfield     PSYC 315
CSU Channel Islands PSYC 317 PSYC 213 PSYC 313
CSU Chico PSYC 382 PSYC 603 or *PSYC (355) PSYC 381
CSU Dominguez Hills PSY 360 *PSYC (350 & 351 & 352) PSY 363
CSU East Bay PSYC 4620 PSYC 4420 PSYC 4410
CSU Fresno PSYCH 154  PSYCH 155  PSYCH 166
CSU Fullerton PSYC 431 or PSY 331 PSYC 361  & 103 (must be taken together) PSYC 341
CSU Long Beach PSYC 356   PSYC 370
CSU Humboldt PSYC 337 PSYC 311 PSYC 438
CSU Monterey Bay   PSYC 340 PSYC320
CSU Northridge   **PSYC 200 or PSY 313 **PSYC 310
CSU Sacramento PSYC 130   PSYC 168
CSU San Bernardino PSYC 385 PSYC 201 PSYC 390
CSU Stanislaus PSYC 3320 PSYC (3140 & 3240) PSYC 3350
Cuyamaca College   PSYC 150 PSYC 170
DeAnza College PSYC 5 PSY 14 PSYC 4
Diablo Valley College PSY 220 PSY 200 PSY 230
East Los Angeles College   PSY 41 PSY 14
El Camino College   PSY16 PSY 15
Evergreen Valley College   PSY 092 PSY 099
Folsom Lake College   PSY 370  
Foothill College PSYC 33 PSYC 40 PSYC 25
Fresno City College   PSY 38 PSY 16
Fullerton College   PSY 139 PSY 222
Glendale Community College   PSY 106  
Golden West College   PSY G118 PSY G255
Grossmont College   **PSY 150 PSY 170
Hartnell College   **PSY 25 PSY 22
Holy Names University PSY 160   PSY 168
Imperial Valley College   PSY 204 **PSY 208
Irvine Valley College PSY 32 PSY 6 or 106 PSY 37
Lake Tahoe Community College PSY 107   PSY 202
Las Positas College   PSYC 12 PSYC 6
Laney College   PSY 21 PSYCH 24
Long Beach City College PSY 33   PSY 14
Los Angeles City College PSYC 3 PSY 41 PSY 14
Los Angeles Harbor College **PSY 3 PSY 41 PSY 14
Los Angeles Mission College   PSY 41 PSY 14
Los Angeles Pierce College   PSY 41 PSY 14
Los Angeles Southwest College   PSY 41 PSY 14
Los Angeles Valley College **PSY 3 PSY 41 PSY 14
Marymount University **PSY 240 PSY 220 PSY 218
Mendocino College PSY 212 PSY 210 PSY 218
Merced College   PSY 09 PSY 25
Merritt College     **PSY 24
Mills College PSY 148 PSY 040 PSY 118
MiraCosta College   PSY 121 PSY 114
Mission College   PSY 012 PSY 025
Modesto Junior College   **PSY 141 PSY 105
Monterey Peninsula College   PSY 25 PSY 35
Moorpark College   PSY M07 PSY M08
Mount San Antonio College   PSY 14 PSY 19
Mt. San Jacinto College   **PSYC 103 **PSYC 108C
Napa Valley College PSYC 175 PSYC 125 or CSF 120  
Norco College PSYC 33 PSYC 9 PSYC 35
Ohlone College   PSY 108 PSY 115
Orange Coast College Psychology A220 Psychology A130 Psychology A255
Oxnard College   PSY R108  
Palo Verde College   **PSY 201 PSY 210
Palomar College   PSYC 110 PSYC 225
Pasadena City College   PSYCH 24  
Porterville College   PSYC C211  **PSYCH 241
Reedley College   PSY 38 **PSY 16
Rio Hondo College   PSY 112 PSY 114
Sacramento City College   PSYC 370 PSYC 340
Saddleback College     PSYC 37
San Bernardino Valley College   PSYCH 111 PSYCH 110
San Diego City College   PSYC 230 PSYC 245
San Diego Mesa College PSYC 155 PSYC 230 PSYC 245
San Diego Miramar College     PSYC 245
San Diego State University PSY 351 PSY 230 PSY 350
San Joaquin Delta College **PSYCH 003 **PSYCH 006 PSYCH 007
San Jose City College   PSYCH 092 PSYCH 099
San Jose State University     PSYC 110
Santa Ana College   *PSY (140 & 157) PSY 250
Santa Barbara City College   PSY 145 PSY 170
Santa Clara University   PSY 185** PSY 115
Santa Monica College PSY 3 PSY 19 PSY 14
Santa Rosa Junior College PSY 7 *PSY (4 & 56) or PSYC 8 PSY 5
Santiago Canyon College **PSY 230   PSY 250
Shasta College     PSYC 17
Sierra College   **PSY 0104 PSY 107
Skyline College   PSY 200 PSY 410
Solano Community College     PSYC 005
Sonoma State University PSY 461 PSY 302  PSY 425
Southwestern College     PSY 250
University of California: Berkeley PSYCH 150 or x176 PSYCH 140 or x140 PSYCH 130, 131 or x146
University of California: Boulder PSYC 3456   PSYC 3033
University of California: Davis PSYCH 142 or 162 *HDE 100 (A-B-C) or PSYC 140 PSYC 168
University of California: Irvine PSYCH 120P or 170S PSYCH 120D PSYCH 120A or C
University of California: Los Angeles PSYCH 129D PSYC 130 PSYCH 127A (only)
University of California: Merced   **PSY 290  
University of California: Riverside   **PSYC 160  
University of California: Santa Barbara **PSY 104   PSY 103
University of California: Santa Cruz     PSYC 170
University of Phoenix PSY 230 or 250 BSHS 342 PSY 410
University of Redlands   **PSYC 445 PSYC 344
University of San Francisco PSYC 318   PSY 313
Ventura College   PSYC V05 PSY V15
Victor Valley College **PSYCH 103 PSYC 110 PSYC 213
West Hills College Coalinga   PSYC 3  
West Hills College Lemoore   PSYC 3 PSYCH 2
West Los Angeles College   PSYC 41 PSY 14
West Valley College   PSYC 012 PSYCH 025
Yuba College **PSYCH 33 PSYC 41 PSYCH 46

*All courses listed must be completed to be considered equivalent to the one psychology course at SF State.

** Not verified as a equivalent course at SF State"


Since these are undergraduate level courses, they are generally offered under similar titles across different Universities. If you are interested in taking the prerequisites at another school (not listed in the above list), please check your school’s Catalogue or Bulletin and match the appropriate courses to the psychology prerequisites at SFSU. The course title should be pretty clear as to whether or not the course would be equivalent.

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